Peter Lazic L-Line MEMORY Microinstruments 2018-02-15T07:18:45+00:00

L Line Memory Microinstruments

1. | Micro-Working Ends

· A variety of styles available for different
surgical approaches
· Delicate working ends for precise performance

2. | Memory Shaft (Nitinol)

· Shapes to coincide with anatomical needs
· Reverts to original shape after sterilization

3. | Rinsing-Connection/Cleaning

· Built in flushing port for easy and efficient cleaning of
internal components

4. | 360° rotatable working ends

· Hand controlled wheel ensures exact positioning
of the working end
· Rotation combined with malleable shaft offers
unparalleled instrument positioning

5. | Ergonomic Handle

· Balanced and low weight handle for fatigue-free working.

6. | Colour Coding

· Simple identification of the working ends
by colour coated handles